For the last 23 years, Call Intelligence has focused on the structure and performance of caller-system and caller-agent transactions.

We investigate and uncover the core effectors of cost, performance, and customer experience...what we call Transactional Analytics.

Transactional Analytics is the study of the structure, content, and outcomes of interactions between callers and systems/personnel that handle their requests. 

We have a team of seasoned analysts with decades of experience maximizing the productivity, efficiency, and quality of Caller-Agent interactions. Call Intelligence Inc. has extensive experience working on a broad range of Entertainment, Telecommunications, Government, Healthcare, Financial, Transportation, and IT projects.

Our transactional analyses measure the efficiency and performance of call handling & distribution systems, caller-agent transactional structures, as well as the effectiveness of training, monitoring and coaching processes. 

Using proprietary tools, we uncover the current effectors of performance, churn, customer experience, and corporate reputation: Looking for ways to improve the structure interactions to create consistent, productive, and informative relationships between call center agents and callers. We help our clients answer questions that directly impact the cost, efficiency, and outcomes of their interactions with prospects and customers.

We help our clients to discover and use transactional intelligence to secure loyalty, increase revenues, and reduce the cost of acquiring new and servicing existing customers.


Call Intelligence Inc.