Sources of Customer Satisfaction

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Customer satisfaction is an elusive quality. It is hard to measure and even harder to effect. 

Most CSAT and Net Promoter surveys are riddled with confounds and are of little use in understanding how to earn loyalty or increase revenue. 

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Call Monitoring, a better and cheaper source of satisfaction/dissatisfaction data?

Call monitoring is great source of satisfaction/dissatisfaction intelligence.. It is unbiased, prolific, and inexpensive.. It only requires that you extend your transactional investigation deeper than the typical quality monitoring.  

If your company is getting increased traffic in its customer service, billing, and technical support queues, you probably have customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction issues. The first and last 30 seconds of service, support, or billing calls will tell you almost all you need to know about customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction. 

There are two other data pools that are particularly rich in meaningful satisfaction/dissatisfaction information... Retention and Acquisition calls. 

Retention - Dissatisfaction

Retention interactions are a wonderful source of customer opinion. Sometimes customers tell us how to mitigate their concerns and we can save the relationship. Other times, all that we can do is gather information to help stop further attrition.

Here's an example of concerns mentioned during Controlled Disconnect interactions. These callers were retention opportunities. (e.g. they were savable: not in collections, not moving out of area, not deceased, have necessary equipment, etc.)

Chart 1 - Retention Opportunities


Chart 1 - Concerns mentioned during retention interactions with customers that were savable.

Cost was the main concern, followed by Location (moving within footprint), None (callers unwilling to express their concerns), Service Issues (problem with service delivery), Product Issues (lacking features).

Of the 49% of callers expressing a Cost concerns, 72% disconnected service. 10% of the remaining caller were deemed to be at risk of disconnection within 6 months. 

Acquisition - Expectations

Net Promoter Score take away - 'Contact generates Loyalty'. 

Why not be proactive and ask new customers about their expectations? Expectation Surveys are used worldwide to forecast a range of economic futures and to plan product development. 

During acquisition interactions, prospective customers tell us what they want and how much they are willing to pay. If asked, they are usually hesitant to share how previous providers failed to meet their expectations.  After the sale is completed the reticence evaporates. 

It's a great time for a follow-up 'Introduction and Expectations' call. Introduce new customers to unique and advanced features of your service and provide them with priority access to support during their 1st 90 days. Ask them how to improve on their previous experiences with other providers. It's a bountiful source of satisfaction and competitive intelligence

Call Intelligence

Call Intelligence Inc specializes in transactional analytics and intelligence. We have over 23 years of experience working on projects for the public and private sectors. We study voice interactions to determine which transactional structures, techniques, and tactics work best. 

We use proprietary tools to uncover the current effectors of sales, churn, customer experience, and corporate reputation. We help our clients answer questions that directly impact the cost, efficiency, and outcomes of their interactions with prospects and customers.