Agents vs Interactions

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Call Intelligence Inc. is a Transactional Intelligence and Design Consultancy with over 23 years helping our clients to better understand and improve the outcomes of interactions with their prospects and customers.

We help our clients to understand who's calling and how to control the outcomes of interactions that take place between their callers and call centers.

Quality Monitoring is about Agents. Transactional intelligence is about Interactions.

Caller-Agent interactions are a invaluable repository of marketing, customer experience, and sales performance data... that are probably under or un-utilized.

They represent the best opportunity to assess and affect the opinions and behaviors of your prospects and customers. 

Quality Monitoring programs measure agent performance against a set of established quality, process, and policy standards. 

Traditional Quality Monitoring programs collect and produce a limited amount of information about agent performance, usually a mix of qualitative and procedural measures.

Transactional Intelligence is the study of the structure, content, and outcomes of interactions between callers and the systems/personnel that handle their requests. 

Our analyses allow us to map, correlate and prioritize thousands of possible relationships between marketing programs, call handling systems, calls, callers, concerns, agents, competition, etc. and outcomes.

We help our clients in the public and private sectors, (see a partial list below), understand who called, why they called, and how effectively the interactions were managed.